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SDI Embbeder xpression cg and clips player to sdi out

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  • SDI Embbeder xpression cg and clips player to sdi out

    Do any one of you know a way to embed the audio from the xpression cg channal and clips player to an SDI output ??

    i would like to have cg on SDI ch 1 and 2, then clips play 1 at ch 3 and ch 4 is that possible ???

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    With Version 2 we did add some more Aux Buses to the Mixer..... So you could achieve something similar but not on the exact channels that you want. The ALL MIXES assignment has the MAIN L&R (audio 1/2) / Then it is AUX 1 Pair (audio 3/4) / Aux 2 (5/6) / Aux 3 (7/8) / Aux 4 (9/10) / Aux 5 (11/12) / Aux 6 (13/14) and then MONITOR is (15/16).

    Using say Group 3 of the SDI (Channels 9/10/11/12) you would apply Aux 4 and Aux 5 as the means to accomplish this. Just put the audio you want on those two Aux Audio Mixes. On the output you're sending to the De-Embedder put All Mixes. In the De-Embedder select the correct group and or channels..

    Hope that helps.



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      Thanks it Sound great, when was v 2 released??? We got our I November 2018 can it already be at 2 or do I need to upgrade??? I the menus I can only see 3 aux


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        In DashBoard -- Status Menu -- that will tell you what version you are running. However if you only see 3 Aux then it is not version 2.

        There is the link to get it -- that was posted on Nov 20th so you probably would not have had it since it would have shipped prior to the release.

        Top of this forum is a Sticky where you will find the info on the current release (or the items I should say added to the "current" release from the previous release......)



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          thanks i will update it :-)


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            I have now Update to v 2 and now I have 6 aux so all fine now... but are is possible to reassign the Sdi embeds map, because I do not use main out so I would like to have at group one to aux 1 ch 1-2 and aux 2 1-2 and then forward ???