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  • Graphite Current Release Version

    I will use this Sticky as a means to Maintain the Current Version of Released Software. (Though this is on the Website in the Download section of course).

    Version 2.0 is Available
    DashBoard v8.4.1
    XPression v8.0.4100 (license tool will check if your entitled to the upgrade)

    With this big change to the Audio Mixer Users need to be aware that they will have to rebuild Custom Controls and Memories that were controlling the SDI/XPression channels. These also will need some re-linking for the Midi Control Panels.

    Features of Note for this release!!!


    Expanded Audio Mixer — Now you have the ability to build your Mixer to the size you need it!! (up to the 48 Fader Max). This can be a combination of Audio Breakout Modules and Embedded Audio channels.

    SDI Fader and Channel selections — Now you can assign the Faders to any SDI Input and any of the Channel Pairs from those inputs. Are you doing integration and have 4-5-8-12 channels of audio coming on a single SDI input?? Not to worry your now able to assign those to individual faders and perform your Mixing as required!!

    Smooth AFV Transitions — AFV can now follow the Next transition rate so that they can cross fade in the transition!! You can select this or for the source to CUT on instead if you prefer — Like say audio effects from an XPression.

    Sample Rate converters — The first 6 inputs now have SRCs. When you turn on the Frame Sync on those channels the audio will now go through an SRC and still be usable Further the Audio Breakout Modules also have one SRC added to them for the AES input now as well.

    Audio Aux Buses — The Graphite now has an additional 3 Audio Aux Buses. This brings the total to 6 Aux Buses. The channels are now mapped in All mixes as Main, Aux 1 -Aux 6 and Monitor. This fills up the full 16 channels of audio in the embedded streams.

    Additional New Features:

    XPression v8.0 Supported (tested with v8.0.4100) — Unleash the power of your Graphite Clips and Real Time XPression Motion Graphics!!

    DashBoard GUI Additions : In DashBoar Help just like in Carbonite you now have have the manual built into the DashBoard with easy search and sections. Additions of the Panel Colour Scheme Controls, Show Alpha controls and other buses plus some added functions like Next trans buttons.

    Media Wipe Layers : Now with Graphite when doing a media wipe you can set the layer to Auto (how it always works and the default) or to which keyer it is to always be over/under. If you want to have the media wipe always on top of all video even if those keyers are not included — set it to Key 4 and now it will always go on top.

    MiniME Chroma Key Outputs Now available. Previously for use with Virtual Sets like XPression Trackless the system would need to use a Full ME to get the composited Alpha of the chroma key sent to the Virtual set for keying. Now the MiniME can be used for the hardware chroma Keyer function and still be able to route the Chroma Key Alpha to the XPression channel as well!!!

    Typo — There is a typo that made it into the release notes - since most the “Switcher” features were brought over from Carbonite version 13. There is mention of the Proc Amp and Colour Correction Menus. This is not in Graphite as there are no CC/PA in Graphite. We will try to get this updated in the download soon.

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    Released Version 2.0 and edited the Top Post. This is to BUMP the Date.