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  • TSL

    How do we use TSL in Graphite. We want to send the tally and UMD names to our Axon synapse frame with 2 SQW cards (multiviewer) .
    Does the TSL protocol V3.1 running via the network or via the carbonite (CBS2s) panel on a different port? And how do we config this via the panel. So we want to send TSL data from Graphite to the Synapse frame. Kind regards Michel

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    Use the Device config Doc

    That will show you how to setup the protocol and also the options that you can enable. It is able to be sent over TCP or UDP. Yes it goes out the network so you can connect the panel and frame to the same switch that your Axon system is on as well. So make sure your subnets match accordingly as well.


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      Hi Less, many thanks. I only don't have acces to the Sharepoint file


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        That is annoying -- that is the link you get to from our website. Don't worry your not the first. Seems like if I post a link it is trying to use my credentials or something.

        Go to the page above. Scroll down to the Devices section and then in the middle of it you should find the UMD / TSL link.