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  • MLE as output

    Can I use MLE1 as an output and MLE2 another output? We are looking to have on MLE1 our 3 cameras and 3 sloMo feeds. On MLE2 we would like the 3 cameras, the 3 sloMo feeds, the Chyron and lastly the Tricaster. Each MLE would have to be able to output content to different locations, MLE1 to internet feed and MLE2 to our video walls.

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    Absolutely...Your outputs are fully configurable to put anything on them. Pick a physical output in the Output configuration and assign ME 1 to it. Also there is an On-Air tab so that yo can say ME 1 is "always ON-AIR" That way the tally to the cameras will always tell them when they are on-air....when on either ME 1 or ME 2.


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      I’ll look into this thank you for your response


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        So I was able to configure the MLE1 to the channel 16 on my output board. So now how do I assign only the Cams 1-3 and SloMo 1-3 to MLE1.

        I’m fairly new to the video world so my knowledge to the switcher is very limited, I greatly appreciate all the help I get!


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          I would watch the Videos at Vision U

          There is a specific one about mapping the switcher -- if I understand your question correctly your looking for Bus maps to be different -- so you assign one map for ME 1 and another for 2. Then only put the sources on that map that you would like to see.


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            Yes you are correct I’ll watch the video thanks