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Clean Feed - Key channel 1, but keep Key Channel 2

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  • Clean Feed - Key channel 1, but keep Key Channel 2

    It worked but would like to know if a better way

    So, we are doing a sporting event.
    Show Set was made with all graphics coming off channel 1, down stream Key 1
    Replay wipe coming off channel 2 down stream Key 2

    Another channel wants to take our feed clean, but keep the wipe EFX and replays so they can insert own graphics. I could not get a clean feed - key 1 and keep key 2, so I made a CC for them that feeds MLE3 Clean feed on AUX feed.

    When we run a replay I run a CC that will lose score, and Lr3d's (15 frames out) then Wipe EFX, switch PGM-RPY under. In this CC I have it run another CC with a 15 frame pause at start then cuts the AUX CLN feed to PGM for wipe EFX and the replay. They then get key 2 and replay. I then reverse it back after replay.

    Better way?

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    1 - Setup an AuxKey on an Output Group. This will use up 4 Outputs to make the AuxKey. Select the CLN feed on the BKGD Then put the same source for the Wipe into the AuxKey and Cut the Key on. Now you have added the Wipe again

    2 - If you have enough keyers available -- Put the Wipe on Key 1 -- Put the CG on Key 2 and then put the Wipe on Key 3 or Key 4. Now the clean feed can be set to be before Key 2 and you will get the Wipe ON the PGM Feed the wipe under is covered by the Wipe Over



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      Thanks much Les. Will give them a try.