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  • Clean feed?

    I am trying to set up a clean feed that will only show our 3 camera inputs, I don’t know if this is possible on our vision switcher? Our frame is a QMD frame. I can’t have any of the tricaster, chyron or our 360 image server graphics displayed on this feed. Is this possible on my switcher system?

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    So you just want to cut out the graphics overlays from the keyers? How Many MEs? Also are you looking for a Clean Feed of the PGM ME or you want to get tricky and figure out how to not have keys showing if you re-enter an ME and that has keys on it?

    Set an output to the the CLN of you PGM ME. Then in the Outputs Clean Feed menu set your clean feed to be before the keyers that you have the graphics layered on.

    Now if you want to deal with Re-Entries then your going to have to use the Auto Follow system and then do substitutions by using the Bus Map system to have an Aux Bus Follow the PGM ME BKGD Bus so that when you take a ME Re-Entry on it you substitute the ME for that ME CLN Feed.

    For the Auto Follows just make sure that you build your main bus map. Then copy that to one of the other 15 maps. Make the changes to the sources that would be the Subs. Then assign that map to an Aux Bus. That way you can set it up so that all sources pick the PGM ME CLN except for the Re-Entered MEs which would take the ME CLNs for those MEs. Now your also able to configure it so that any other source that you would want to not show on the BKGD you can select what the substation will be.

    Finally go into the Auto Follow Menu (personality - Second page) and setup your Bus Follow so that the PGM MEs BKGD BUS is ECHOing TO the Aux Bus that you assign to the output your sending the "CLN" on. You have now configured a "Super Clean" output.



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      Thank you I’ll try this tomorrow!