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  • Sequence DVE Move

    I’m trying to pull a box full and push it back small using a sequence. The move does not loop. Any idea on how to achieve this? I’ve included a photo of how the sequence is composed.

    OD 12
    Vision 17.3
    Sequence I created.

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    The sequence would start at the frame of the box then the second key frame would be full and then the third would be back to small. Or you could use Memory Recalls and Effects Dissolve to achieve this.


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      So I have it built that way but as far as the CC goes how do I get it to continuously move between the keyframes. When I run the CC it goes through those three keyframes but it ends. Instead of cycling through. Any thoughts on how I build it to do so?


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        Okay so CC would be Load Sequence (when recording type the number of the sequence into the keypad-- easier that way. Or have a Memory that already has the sequence loaded in it be recalled) Pause a couple of Frames. Then you Run the Sequence (there is an Insert Even - Special - Command for this). You now need a Pause of at least 1 Frame longer than your sequence. if the sequence total is 90 frames then make it 91. Now add the Insert Event - Special - Loop command. To "kill" the CC your going to need to either press the Stop Button -- if you assigned one. Or if not then press an "empty" custom control. That will kill all running Custom Controls.