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    I'm considering upgrading to Inception 11.2.1 (or whatever the newest version is) and heard it uses CueIT prompter software. We currently use RossEZprompt and really like some of its features such as different colored fonts and the countdown timer on breaks. Can I stick with EZprompt if I upgrade or do I have to switch to CueIT? Also, in the CueIt tutorial, it shows the operator's computer has different screen video than the operator's monitor. Does that mean you need a dual video output card on the compute running CueIT? With Ross EZprompt, the video on the operator's screen is the same video as on the prompter monitors and we just use a DVI splitter. Thanks, James

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    Hello James,

    The current version of Inception is 11.1.3.

    You can continue to use EZPrompt however it is an end of life product and no longer under development. If you do switch to CueIT you will need a video card capable of outputting two different screens. CueIT does not currently have a count down clock for breaks but does support different font colours based on the production cue or lack of a cue.