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On-hold/floated items, and timecode appearance

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  • On-hold/floated items, and timecode appearance

    Is there a way to hide all on-hold (floated) items? They take up space and I don't need to see them.

    Also, is there a way to have the on-hold items, be a shade of dark grey instead of red? It's too easy to confuse them with the timing bar, out of the corner of my eye.

    As well... the timing for CGs, as it appears in Inception, in the slug, has 4 different timecode values. Is there a way to pick only the ones we want to see?


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      Hey infineat,

      Sorry we missed this post - it's an old one!

      Unfortunately we don't have a way today to hide floated items in the running order list, nor can we change the built-in colors today. I'll bring the suggestions to my Product Management group and we can consider adding something in the future.

      What do you mean specifically for the timecode values? There are a number of timing columns, you can change which columns are visible by right clicking on the column headers. You can then save this preference by saving your perspective, which will remember the column selection.


      Shawn Snider
      Vice President | Production Workflow & Cloud Solutions
      ​Ross Video


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        Thanks Shawn!

        I forget what I meant by the timecode values unfortunately.

        I have another thing to ask as a future feature: in the Xpression plugin for Inception, when you go into the text field of a CG event, you can't copy text (CTRL-C) but you can cut and paste. If I CTRL-C then CTRL-V, it pastes whatever I copied when using some other program. If you could have the "copy" feature added, that would be great.