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MiniME1 and its DVE Keyer

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  • MiniME1 and its DVE Keyer

    I'm working on a Cabonite Black Solo and trying to free up a DVE off of Key 1 located on MiniME1. Can this Key be turned into a normal key or will it always be a DVE Keyer. I've taken a picture of the soft panel so you have an idea of what I'm looking at.

    Side Question:

    I noticed that the only transition you can do within a MiniME is a dissolve. Is this true or is there something I need to clear out first? I notice that in the soft panel you are given the option to switch to a DVE transition but I cannot seem to be able to change that, which is why I'm wondering if I need to clear out the DVE on Key 1 first.


    Soft Panel view of Mini ME Key 1 options Soft panel view of the transition options on Mini ME 1

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    Key 1 is only able to be a DVE Keyer. As long as the MiniME is not considered "ON-AIR" then another ME or MiniME will steal the key. Also doing a Key or ME Reset on the MiniME will clear it all out. You can only do Dissolves on MiniMEs. A Keyer that has a DVE on it is able to DVE transition "it's self" but that is because it is using that DVE channel to do it.


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      Excellent. Thanks Les!