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Tally issue when layering / re-entering ME1 clean

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  • Tally issue when layering / re-entering ME1 clean

    I had a show yesterday where I needed to create two discrete feeds with different graphics. No problem, this is easy: cut the show on ME1 with feed 1's graphics...take ME1 Clean on Program and insert feed 2's graphics. Then send ME1 to my first transmission path, and Program to my second transmission path.

    Camera tallies did not work in this scenario.

    I was on an original Carbonite (not sure of firmware version).

    Did I find a bug?

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    On the Configuration Tab in DashBoard you can go to the On-Air page and then set that ME 1 is "Always On Air".


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      Yes, that would have been a good work-around...but I'm curious why taking ME1 Clean on Program did not tally the cameras. I would have expected the cameras (or any other source on A buss) to tally, but not the keys.


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        I should also add: thanks so much for your immediate reply Les. I appreciate you and all the knowledge Ross makes available to the community.