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  • Mini ME into Mini ME

    I'm currently running a Carbonite Black Solo and I'm wondering if it is possible to place a Mini ME inside a Mini ME. For instance, I would like to place MiniME2 as a key of MiniME1. It doesn't seem to want to let me to do that so I'm thinking it is not possible but I would like to know if I'm maybe just doing something wrong.


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    Hi there, yes you can do this. However there are signal flow constraints they might be preventing this from working for you. the flow can be as follows...

    MiniME>ME>MiniME or MiniME>MiniME or ME>MiniME. But Not ME>MiniME>MiniME or MiniME>MiniME>ME. Check signal assignments into both MiniMEs, I suspect something from the ME is already assigned and needs to be cleared.


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      I guess specifically what I would like to do is to place MiniME2 into a DVE keyer within MiniME1 and then take Mini ME1 hot on the ME. Basically I want to be able to wipe between elements within a 2 box.


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        Hi -- you will not be able to do that with a Solo. As Nigel points out you have a Timing window of a MiniME slot before the ME and then a MiniME slot after the ME.

        You're not able to do MiniME -- MiniME -- ME.....

        To build what you want you would need to Put a MiniME in a Box that is on the Full ME and then a Second Box on the Full ME.


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          Hey Les,

          You are referring to me building the boxes in the DSK and not the MiniMEs?


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            Correct -- If you want to be able to transition in the box like your mentioning then you can not do MiniME-MiniME- ME. It is not possible.