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  • Macro

    Is it posaible to build Slide Effect by utilising Macros?
    If yes, how?
    Thanks in advance

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    Can you give more description on the slide effect your looking to create? otherwise the reply may not fit you need.

    However a basic element would have you use the State function to insert a state -- move the box where you like it and set another state insert a pause or hold. Then insert another state but with Effects dissolved as the mode and the Effects Dissolve Rate set for how long you want the travel rate to be.


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      For an example, I have created Two Box Effects Key 1 and Key 2. One of them sliding out of 16:9 and the another one goes full-screen. When I recall it I do use EffDiss mode on the ME Recall Button.
      Now, I would like to carry out all procedurse just on Custom Control


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        Oh -- well just start recording the Custom Control -- and recall that memory. If you want to make it "multiple Stages" then recall the first memory. Insert a Hold. Then recall the next Memory. The hold will have it that you have to press the CC button again when your ready to advance the step.