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PBUS with Lance Controller

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  • PBUS with Lance Controller

    Hello, I purchased the Moxa 5150a N port to connect my Carbonite Solo to at TDC-100 Lance controller to run PBUS commands to some hyperdecks. Configured Moxa to match parity, baud, bit etc. Currently running out of the serial port on carbonite into moxa rs port data input and RS 432 to Lance. I'm not supposed to run serial port through network switch correct? It's just serial data cable to Moxa N Port and rs432 to lance? Not seeing connectivity lights on Nport like I did when configuring it with laptop.

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    The purpose of the Moxa is to be a NETWORK IP to Serial Device Adapter. If the Lance has a 422 serial port on it then you connect Serial to serial. If your using the Moxa then you connect the MOXA to the same network as the Carbonite is connected to. Then you can add the PBUS device as a IP device not a Serial device -- Set up the IP address and port to be that of the MOXA.

    That is the Carbonite U Video for how to connect a carbonite to a lance.

    Link to the online help and the cut sheet for the lance.


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      Thanks Les, I've been searching for that video for awhile. Remember watching it. Thanks for reply you rock! Now that makes sense.


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        All of Ross U can be found at the top of our site under the Knowledge Center -- Ross University. Also same place to find the links to the "Online Help" manuals as well.