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  • Cut transition

    I have a pretty basic question regarding the cut transition. Noticed today when pausing our capture playback at a random moment that I had a blend of a close and wide shot. Seems that I paused right at my cut point. Obviously for the ME and Keys, frame rates can be set for the dissolve but I've not seen two shots appear to be dissolved on a cut. Must be taking more than a frame to transition. I assume this is typical and not adjustable on the user end? Caught my curiosity today on how such things work.

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    It is probably the LCD monitor your viewing it on. We have seen this before. When you look at the actual file you will see that by going frame by frame that it is a clean cut.


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      This sounds like the field dominance setting is set to Field 2 (I believe that's the default). These cuts are a single frame, not a dissolve. It's showing the even fields from one camera angle, and the odd fields from the second camera angle. This is pretty normal when working with interlaced video. If you don't want this to happen, you can change the setting to Field 1 (that's what I've done, as it made life easier if a shot needed to be replaced from ISO).


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        Thanks guys. I’ll take a look at both of these things tomorrow and see what I have!