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    Hi, Ross Family.
    As shown in the picture we do possess Carbonite 2ME.
    I tried to carry out a procedure which I was baffled to accomplish it.
    To exemplify, we do use the pgm as the main output, and when a banner ad(as a 3rd lower) time is we gave it on-air as on the bottom of the pgm.
    Recently, I was told that whenever 3rd lower(banner ads) goes on-air the main output(PGM) should be squeezed upwards in such a way that there should be a gap on the bottom of the pgm so ads banner can be given on the mentioned gap. Is it possible to do so?
    Thanks in advance.
    The Legend (2ME)

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    Hi Shamil,

    Yes you can absolutely do this. We call this a squeeze back and it requires the use of a DVE. You can do this on the main PGM ME but it might be simpler to do it downstream using a MiniME.

    Using a MiniME simply assign a DVE to key 1and the lower third to key 2. Assign PGM from you main ME into MiniME key1. you will need to assign the MiniME output to where PGM is currently. Now you can adjust the size and position of PGM using MiniME Key1 DVE. If you combine this with Effects dissolve memory recalls you can create events where the PGM background can be automatically 'squeezed back' when key 2 is on via use of custom controls.

    Wherever you decide to do this depends on your workflow and PGM composition, but the principle is the same regardless. Simply use a DVE to scale the video image on a key layer under the lower third.