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  • Carbonite internal clock

    Curious if anyone has experienced any issue with the internal Carbonite clock with respect to losing time since the latest upgrade (Frame Version 13.0.2, Panel version 1.4.512)? While not grossly off, still approximately 1-2 second loss per week estimated.

    We use to use the tool to begin our live countdowns but as more weeks go by, we find it not to be the most accurate reference. No big deal since we know that and can use another reference however it just became obvious to me after the software upgrade and wondered if it was a known issue or has a known solution? Thanks


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    You need to reset your clock frequently. It is not an Atomic Clock that can maintain precision. If you need it to be locked to the house Time I would suggest feeding it the LTC input from the Master Sync Generator so that you can lock to that for your clock.


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      Appreciate the response Les