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Carbonite Solo Series Current Software

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  • Carbonite Solo Series Current Software

    Hi All,

    Carbonite Solo Series includes the following

    All in one model with 6 SDI and 3 HDMI inputs (Now referred to as the Solo 9)
    All in one model with 12 SDI and 1 HDMI inputs (Referred to as the Solo 13)

    1 RU Frame with 6 SDI and 3 HDMI - CBF-109
    1 RU Frame with 12 SDI and 1 HDMI - CBF-113

    We have Released version 2.0 to the website and available for download.

    Version 2 includes the long awaited Media Player for playing out h.264 clips from the USB Drive. Please read the Manual as it lists the format the clips must be rendered in to be supported.

    The coles notes of it are -- Clips need to be 720p even if your in 1080. It's what the clip player can decode -- It will do the scale to 1080 so don't worry it looks great. example -- if I am in 1080i59.94 then I will use 720p29.97 clips (1080i is 29.97 Frames). However there is a limitation in that in 1080p59.94 your not able to play back clips. 1080p50 Can but not in 59.94. This is a limitation of the hardware and it is not supported. If you play back clips at this format there will be frames that get dropped and repeated.

    Files need to match the Frame rate so 1080p29.97 uses 720p29.97 for best results.