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  • AES Audio Output

    We have a Carbonite Black Plus 36 input switcher, is there anymore information on troubleshooting AES audio output? We are getting it to work sort of but are getting a lot of noise coming out of the switcher. Our media wipes are 24 bit wav files. Does anyone else have any ideas on troubleshooting getting audio to work coming out of the frame? I see on the diagram from the manual, it has + on the right and - on the left but on the actual phoenix connector it is labeled backwards. Anyone have any ideas?

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    What are you connecting the this to? The AES connector has 3 pins as this is a 110 Ohm Balanced Connection.


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      Is the WAV file at 48Khz sample rate? It has to be to playback correctly. If its any other sample rate it will be garbled noise.


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        We are connecting the 3 pins to the connecter, the other end is a male XLR going into our audio board.
        It is a WAV file. For format we are Linear PCM, 24 bit little-endian signed integer, 2 channels, 48000 Hz. We are getting the garbled noise with a lot of static. We hear it, but getting a lot of noise like Nigel said.


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          One other note - we are going from AES to a Studio Live 24.4.2 Presonus Audio Board. Is that the problem - going from digital to analog? Converter needed?


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            That would be an issue yes -- you have to have an AES input on the Audio Board. If you connecting it to an Analog input then your in need of doing a AES-Analog Conversion first.