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  • Wifi Remote control

    I want to control the Acuity from an IPad or IPhone. How do I do this magic?

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    Please check my movie for xpression control from ipad/iphone/ touch screen on We can extend the concept to Acuity


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      DashBoard is a Java Application so it is not able to run on iOS. You could use a Windows Surface Tablet however. Also you could make a Custom Panel on Dashboard the will serve up a Webpage of buttons that the iPad could look at -- This is a very simple Button UI and will auto generate. This example is not going to resemble the layout or design of the DashBoard panel running on the PC. You will though need this running since it needs to serve up the information and be that control gateway.


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        A company named MIDI SOLUTIONS (and other companies) make MIDI TO GPI converters.
        Choose ANY midi app on windows, ios, android, etc with the UI best suited to your needs.

        For instance, your midi app may have an image of a drum set to play drums.
        You super easily map midi notes to each drum. Each time you tap a drum it sends a midi notes to the converter. Acuity recieves the GPI then does something.

        I have used this setup for years triggering a SONY MVS 8000. Many many MIDI apps are free.

        Triggering switcher macros with my phone was always fun. You can even use midi cabled UI if you dont trust wireless.

        Hope this helps.