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  • Control Panel Button Inserts....

    The manual states that one can find a template for the Acuity panel buttons at Ross BUT I can't find it...!

    I need the Aux Side Panel button inserts. Anyone knows where this is...?

    I have set-up two Ross Vision Switcher's and this is my first Acuity set-up (I am an Engineer, not a Technical Director). I was confused on a couple of things but I eventually "got it". I must say that this switcher is a very flexible and powerful switcher! Kudos to the Engineering team!
    New Acuity installed in our control room....

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    I also cannot find the button template on the Acuity page but the Carbonite uses the same buttons. Go to the Carbonite Black product page and at the button below manuals you will see the button template

    Tech Support


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      Thank you Mike! I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.

      It would be nice if Ross not only had the Adobe Acrobat version but a MS Excel sheet also. What I am going to do is align the Acrobat document with my Excel template.

      Fletcher Garrett


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        I must be missing something here - Download consists of a file with .lbl extension. I don't have anything to open it up with.


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          Jon -- the lbl file is not a template for printing out the Button Inserts at the correct sizes that is the file for importing into dashBoard so that you can use a Router Panel as an Aux Panel.