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Change Effects Dissolve *ramp up/down* time

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  • Change Effects Dissolve *ramp up/down* time

    Is there a way to change or remove the ramp up/down time on the effects dissolve? I.e. if the ramp could be removed or set to 'zero', the dissolve effect speed would be linear based on the dissolve rate.

    I want to be able to do slow pushes/pans from a single camera/input via zooming a DVE, but a slow zoom with the ramp added makes it choppy at start and end, but it has to be slow since you can't zoom far before losing too much clarity.

    If this can't be done now, could it please be added as a feature to adjust or disable the ramp? Thank you!

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    You will need to build this in a DVE timeline so you can control the Spline -- or be able to use Linear or set your own.


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      Thanks, Les - I haven't played with DVE timelines yet, so I'll dig into it.